Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality? I say both!

While the whole tech world rebelled against the purchase of Oculus Rift from Facebook, I rejoicing in knowing that the future of Virtual Reality is nearer.

In a clear bet to the future of social 3D virtual spaces Facebook bought Oculus Rift at such an early time and low price. I trust the Oculus Rift team enough to know that as part of the deal they guaranteed their independence and roadmap to continue in an accelerated way towards their goals.

Even when inmature reactions such as Minecraft's CEO started to happen, I stick to believing in Oculus Rift and the vision that Facebook is having to bet in such a future to be relevant in the future of how we live and communicate.

Augmented Reality, represented currently by Google Glass although not technically it, as well as Virtual Reality with front runner Oculus Rift (might be closely followed by Sony) are the two most exciting future trends in tech devices. Two different ways to compute, one by augmenting our physical reality overlapping extra data and the other by offering a substitute to our real life, a substitute that might become exceedingly better in some ways.

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