Friday, January 24, 2014

The thing about Point of View (POV)

I grew up during the times of the unilateral media.

TV was something that was broadcasted on you. Which could translate in basically shut up and listen.

I personally quit TV 4+ years ago ... TV was the dark era of our times.

With computers we re-gained our much precious and not too long ago lost interactivity.

These videos show my press conference for the Google Glass ticket from the point of view of the media, but also from the point of view of me, the interviewee. This is the new media, you point a camera at me and I point one at you (easily and low technically) and my point of view might even beat the net and be uploaded uncut before the official one does.

So, here they are, point of view of media:

And point of view, of myself, the interviee:

Since I wear Google Glass I feel safer in a subconscious way, with the power of recording what happens around me, because all I need to defend myself in any situation is the truth, and recording is giving access to others to my truth, and that's one of the values of transparency, something one day will become second nature for all of us, we'll just gain this extra level of protection because everything digital is traceable if need be.

After a few "I wish I had recorded when the officer stopped me" and "I wish I had recorded the interview that Good Morning America recorded to contrast it with the lame coverage they did on TV", I finally got it, and am building the habit of getting my shots ready exactly when I need them.

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