Thursday, November 22, 2012

Google paving the road for Glass

Back in July, when I had the privilege to be part of bringing the Full Swing Simulator to the Google IO party I had the chance to attend Google IO as well (Yes, the pic on the left is Sergey playing golf on our simulator at the party). It was an amazing coincidence as I attempted to get tickets when registration opened, but after hitting retry a million times, I couldn't get one.

With 6,000 other people in the room, I witnessed live as skydivers jumped from a plane to land on the roof of the Moscone Convention Center while transmitting everything from their Google Glasses.
It was a historic moment!

For us seekers of all tetchy cool new devices and apps, it was the beginning of a new chapter. But, many people I talked to at the event, were completely unimpressed by all of it. They were saying things like: 

"You can't really do much with those glasses"
"They didn't show nothing really cool"

I guess, part of being on the innovators side of the wave, is to be able like Paul Graham says to '"Live in the future, then build what's missing." or "Live in the future, then build what's interesting". You have to be able to look a new technology and imagine a future world in which everybody adopted this technology and ask yourself "What's possible?".

After the keynote, I was super excited to re-explore every bit of information we got at the keynote and see it through the brand new Glasses.

So, when they were presenting features of browser synchronization, I was thinking:
"Perfect, I have a page on my desktop or cell and I send it to my Glasses."

And as I was exploring Google Now on my brand new Nexus 7 tablet, and it would show the weather at San Francisco for the day and the time in current traffic to go back to my hotel. I was thinking:
"Voila! Google Now notifications popping up on my Glasses".

And the effect of seeing the road to Glasses being paved all the way to its launching kept going. As I enabled Google Goggles on my android camera app, I could see:
"There we go! Automatic notifications of relevant information triggered by visuals, such as barcodes, product identification." Just imagine the future, faces, places, business, objects .. how exiting!

Being ADD all my life I missed all the action when it just happened in front of my eyes. The thought of having a little button on my Glasses that will allow me to DVR to the last 30 seconds and play back or upload to a server the last 30 seconds plus the next 30 ones just makes me high.

And what about seeing a face and having info popup on your field of vision? I know I know them but who are they??? Problem solved! With Glasses, a simple notification can overlay contact information, last time I saw them, how and when I met them, etc. Very cool!

So, when you live in the future you can imagine going from Glasses to Contacts and produce videos like this one:

Project Glasses is just the beginning to restoring and expanding our biological body and brain with our new digital body and brain. Fun times lie ahead!

Of course there will be issues, we'll have to deal with the noise that is being generated massively by all of us and our sensors. We'll have to deal with attention/distraction management. We'll have to design awesome interfaces (maybe on the cellphone) that will talk to Glasses in meaningful ways. 

We'll work our way through all of the obstacles, like we did with many other technologies before, because of the value Glasses (and other wearable context aware devices) will deliver.

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