Sunday, October 28, 2012

You're invited to be a part of a fun little experiment

There's this little experiment I've been thinking about for a few weeks now and I'd like to share it here hoping many of you would like to join me.

This experiment can be done anywhere in the planet, and it only requires a video cam.

I might be onto something anthropological here, as this is the first time ever my brother is really excited about one of my projects. So, we might have Dr. Roberto Abadie, author of 'The professional guinea pig: Big pharma and the risky world of human subjects' (if you're interested on the little mouse looking guinea pigs, this is the wrong book for you), to help us with the anthropological interpretation of this little experiment.

What we would be doing, is interviewing people of all ages and genders asking them four quick questions:

1. Do you believe in evolution?
2. How old is Planet Earth?
3. Do you know the meaning of the word 'bourgeoisie'?
4. What is the percentage of Americans that earn more than $250,000 a year?

These 4 questions are the minimum questions that I can think of that would shed light on the religious/scientific/political/economical mindset of the person being interviewed. Also, I see the potential for cross references between the 4 questions that could shed some extra light. In addition to satisfying our  curiosity on percentages and other data connections on different parts of the US and the world, I think it would be awesome fun to do it and to experience the individual reactions and answers.

The methodology would be very simple:

1. Approach someone and ask them if you can videotape their answer to 4 super quick questions for an international experiment for a web blog.
2. If they say yes, proceed to film the questions and answers. Try to grab the spontaneous answers, expressions, physical reactions and so forth.
3. Once done, ask them if they can sign the release form, allowing Evoluzination blog to post the answers in a video for this international experiment (the form will be provided on pdf format).
4. Send me the videos as you have them for edition and publishing into a web documentary on youtube and this blog.

If the video camera option is too intimidating, you don't feel comfortable or it obstructs the experiment, we can completely omit the camera and just record the answers on paper.

The interview should be completely anonymous, but it might be interesting to know the gender the person identifies with as well as the age range.

Maybe the release form can include something like:
Age Range
[ ] 21 and Under
[ ] 22 to 34
[ ] 35 to 44
[ ] 45 to 54
[ ] 55 to 64
[ ] 65 and Over
[ ] Decline

[ ] Female
[ ] Male
[ ] Other
[ ] Decline


If you're interested in any way on this project please contact me here or message me on Facebook:

It will be a shared learning experience.

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