Saturday, October 30, 2010

GeneXus Smart Devices Generation: GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta

ARTech released on Friday night the first bits of the GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta which can be downloaded here.

As the GeneXus Community is very aware, GeneXus can and will be of extreme importance at moments like the present time, when there are software paradigm changes, as it can accelerate the adoption curve for any new computer software or platform.

Right now, GeneXus is riding the wave of Smart Devices full speed with multiple strategies and converting it on a turning point in its market development.

With the launch of the GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta (find in twitter as #gxev2beta) GeneXus customers will have the opportunity to generate applications for Smart Devices starting with Android OS and continuing with iOS and BlackBerry OS, with the same easiness as always.

The process, as described in the GeneXus wiki to have an emulator demo up and running is super simple. Just create couple transactions, a Ruby model (for the moment the data services model is generated in Ruby, future versions will generate for .net, java), apply the "Work With Devices" pattern, change couple properties and voila!

We'll be expecting some level of automatic cloud deployment of Android applications on the next beta most likely. GeneXus already has a good grip of this technology as it's part of their SDX product (more information coming soon).

There are many more features we'll be expecting to see on the Smart Devices Generator, with the one on the top of the list being Multi-tenant applications, followed by including regular non-pattern generated web panels and some level of access to device sensors especially GPS which is at the core of mobile technology.

I can't help but thinking that when you have a well designed extensible platform with a state of the art architecture like GeneXus X does, changes can stack up with great speed. We are witnessing an exponential growth of the GeneXus Platform in regards of the Smart Devices Market. The company is indeed taking all opportunities to make the implicit advantages of their unique platform count and make a difference to their customers.

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