Saturday, September 04, 2010

Priority Inbox as a Software Pattern

Once in a while an idea emerges that changes the way we do things profoundly.
I believe Priority Inbox, by Google (view note below) is one of these little things, beyond email, it will change the way we program and the way users interact with the systems we develop.

Particularly in the software world, this kind of reminds me of the emergence of the auto-suggest feature.
It started with Google search if I'm not mistaken and continued with all of us adopting it as a best practice, including smart tools like Genexus generator, making it standard properties into their objects and simple click programming.

The future of priority handling might be the same. We might see in the near future that when we're looking at our customer or product list, there are some customers and products that have a whole different level of relevance than others, and I as a user might want to star some customers, products, cases, transactions, invoices, etc that I'm working with at the moment and visualize them with higher priority.

Google Email deserves to be called a mass product by now. Therefore, regular users will incorporate priority email as a natural thing that software does for them and sooner or later we'll have to implement it for them. I say, let's be ahead of the curve, let's make the priority standard behavior for grids now! This might be a job for a Genexus component or maybe more so for the Genexus Pattern Generator Tool ...

It appears that there are patents filled by Microsoft for similar priority emails sent to mobile devices as far back as '99 ... read more here.

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