Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mobile: sliding pages expand the house

A week ago I found myself day dreaming about increasing the visual real state in my iPad and my Droid. Once you use the iPad desktop, where you can discover new magical rooms by sliding right or left, there's no way back. You have to have the same thing in applications and it finally is starting to arrive.

It reminds me of the time when my grandparents decided to downsize, sell the big house with backyard and move to the 2 bedroom apartment. I totally remember that I even had dreams where new rooms would attach magically to the apartment for my amusement and amazement.

The difference is that when it comes to mobile, we're in a virual world, and new rooms can magically appear and dissapear!!

Some of the pioneers out there:
1. Facebook app for iPad, allows you to to select your main options from the main menu and you can slide right or left to add new options [via @mcanziani]
This app seems to have copied the concept of sliding pages just for the exact same use that the iPad has for it, desktop management. They didn't seem to connect the dots and go one more step, using sliding screens for apps.
2. TweetDeck for Android, allows you to have one column per page, it has a great denotation for pages with a title on top and the now standard dots.
3. Twitter for iPad, this one not only got the sliding screens idea but it also innovated as far as how to handle those screens. I don't think the innovation replaces 100% the simple full screen slide, but it's a great, creative innovative way of handling screens and it will ripple.

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