Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm sold on Android 2.2

Hard as it is to admit, I was about to give in to Apple and the iPhone/iPad after years of maintaining myself on the other side of the fence.
After watching the Google Developer's Conference tonight, I'm completely in awe, sold on the Android 2.2

. faster browser
. cloud to device API
. voice recognition/translation
. sharing your wi-fi from one android device
. automatic application platform
. HDMI output

But what is more fundamental open platform, open device, open source, which means that we might finally get to have a platform across the board for all devices.

It looks like finally there's a good shot at Platform Convergence.
Innovation is around the corner, I can imagine the applications and uses that the intent to device will inspire.

Also, looking forward to the non-proprietary platform for the impending TV Box:

Can't wait for the first device implementing Google/Tv.

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