Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two shooting stars

My last night's insomnia turned for the good when Google reminded me that the Perseids were peeking today around 4:00am. As a side note, I never saw the Google logo sooo nice. Too bad it was already 4:38 when I found out, plus the moon was out, Temecula was pretty bright and the sun raising orange light was starting to show up.

Still, I managed to see two pretty good shooting starts close to Orion constellation. (I didn't expect to see them there, not enough time to research though).

Orion, Hiades and Pleyades (my very favorite constellation) were aligned almost with the Moon, it was a nice night out there. Of course mosquitoes started to bother me too and it was time to say: Mission accomplished!

If you didn't catch this one, you still can give it a shot tonight and a few more nights ...

Note: stargazers, my fav website for star related matters, seems to be down, apparently they couldn't escalate after some online newspapers mentioned them.

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