Sunday, May 17, 2009

A twitter's user impression

As I still find myself intrigued by the whole twitter concept I found a twit by Kevin Marks that might be summarizing it a bit:

"Google is a signal of intent answered by a machine; Twitter is a signal of emotion answered by a person."

I've got to admit I still don't get it 100%, after years of attempts to use twitter, but I have a glimpse of what it could be doing for people. The way I see it, it's the closest we are getting to being a hyper connected neural net of human brains broadcasting our every minute of existence for others to tune in.

The other thing that it's clearly confirming is that technology adoption gets hugely accelerated by two means:
1. fan's viral spread - social networks have this property intrinsically built-in
2. accessibility- open platforms/standards allowing the industry to build applications/devices around one technology, which automatically gets you business partners. Can you believe the incredible amount of applications built on top of twitter?

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