Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sports and evolution

Evolution made humans' nature to reward movement. Recent studies show that our brains and bodies are built to reward physical activity and motion. It makes sense, as everything else in biologic evolution, that physical activity is rewarded as it was a great means for survival. Our whole body is wired for that kind of survival abilities.

In today's world though, it's a total annoyance for most people and it becomes just something we know we HAVE to artificially DO. You need to exercise, you need all this physical activity, to be both in good body and mind shape. We try to convince ourselves that we need it, and that it's good for us, and even our brain produces pleasure chemicals as you do it, but deep inside your body knows it's a huge waste of energy and you have to drag yourself to your next gym trip. The same way your body knows it's a great waste of energy to eat a salad compared with the calories you get in return, we can try and lie to ourselves but deep inside our bodies know better.

The only solution I see to this increasing dilemma is genetic engineering. The gap between the thousands of years of evolution going in one direction, and the accelerated world-changing pace of our current technology evolution only can be closed by genetic manipulation.

Of course, genetic manipulation is the answer to many other much more important questions -health issues being probably the most outstanding ones- but for right now, I'm just trying to make up an excuse so I don't have to buy into the exercise thing so much ;)

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