Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spread the happiness

A new study by Harvard and San Diego Universities published that happiness seems to be contagious. This discovery came along after previous studies of tendencies for obesity patterns and smoking quitting in social networks. All of the studies seem to agree in the viral potential of social networks to be contagious regarding happiness among other things.

Over the weekend I conducted my own little experiment about happiness contagiedness (did I made up a word here?). For every casual encounter I would have with people that looked happy, I stopped for a second to be mindful of wether it affected me positively in my own feeling of happiness. The surprising result was that it did seem to make me happier to just pass by people that looked happy. So, now I am smiling to people much more in the hope I'm giving them a little bit of my own happiness. All this works pretty well in California, where people like to smile to most everybody most of the time anyway. Not sure how it would work somewhere else ...

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