Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

To wish you all hapy holidays and especially a great 2009 I'm sharing this video:

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.
[Thanks to Cynthia]

I also feel like sharing one of my favorite anonymous phrases:
"No es feliz quien tiene todo lo que quiere,
sino quien quiere todo lo que tiene"

An attempt at translating it:
"Happiness is not to have everything you love,
but to love everything you have."

Happy Holidays and make it a great year!

Friday, December 19, 2008


World TV allows you to set up your own TV channel in seconds. Good luck finding content ... specially with the quality of you tube videos in general. I collected a series of diverse drumming videos: Fun! Loved doing it!

Interesting to note, they are hosted by YouTube, so not so much of an investment as far as streaming.

I think we needed a product like this to see you tube and other user content on the web/TV. The simplicity of WorldTV is impressive, although until I read the email directing me to, I went nuts trying to find a way to login to their site. It's one of those things, very simple, but maybe too simple ...

I'm sure great things to come with it in the near future. It'd be really cool to be able to edit the videos online even if at a very basic level. Also, I'd love to see my own comments and my buddies comments along the movies.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flutist Robot

Pretty cool flutist robot:
[via DesignFlute]

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spread the happiness

A new study by Harvard and San Diego Universities published that happiness seems to be contagious. This discovery came along after previous studies of tendencies for obesity patterns and smoking quitting in social networks. All of the studies seem to agree in the viral potential of social networks to be contagious regarding happiness among other things.

Over the weekend I conducted my own little experiment about happiness contagiedness (did I made up a word here?). For every casual encounter I would have with people that looked happy, I stopped for a second to be mindful of wether it affected me positively in my own feeling of happiness. The surprising result was that it did seem to make me happier to just pass by people that looked happy. So, now I am smiling to people much more in the hope I'm giving them a little bit of my own happiness. All this works pretty well in California, where people like to smile to most everybody most of the time anyway. Not sure how it would work somewhere else ...

My daughter is high

Genetics just work, and it's really interesting when you see it in action through your little ones.

My daughter Nicole (8) looks different than me and thankfully has a different personality as well, but there's one thing she got from me in a high percentage (close to 100% I'd say ;) and that is her brain's hardware. There's many ways in which this fact is true, but the one I want to write about today is her tendency to have natural highs.

There are some days in which my husband and I look at each other and just smile while we almost simultaneously say: OMG, she's high again!

Yesterday was one of those days. She came to me asking me how to write allowance, then later how to write business ... then I had to go check on her. She was sending ClubPenguin suggestions for their website.

The ideas:
1. To allow parents to give weekly coin allowances to their kid's penguins as a way to incentive home chores or school performance. Her ultimate goal: as she's the parent of one of her penguins (not sure how that happened, I think Edu was distracted and she took advantage), she wants to give coins to herself without the work of actually earning them.
2. To allow penguins to start stores in their igloos, so that they can have their own products and sell to other penguins for virtual currency.

There is a common denominator on her thoughts this week, she's evidently obsessed with getting more coins without the work. Of course she already explored all the hacks and cheats on the net she could find, with what she calls her "testing penguins" with almost irrational fear of getting "banned". She's hilarious!

Maybe her day was the logical outcome now that I remember she actually started the day telling me about a dream she had. She dreamed that there was a person, and the person had a diamond inside, and she had some kind of device hooked to the net which would allow her to set goals such as remove the diamond from the person's body ... weird! I offered her an interpretation: that she thinks people have great value inside and she could by using some kind of technology extract it (not clear if it would be for her own benefit or what, sometimes you don't want to ask that much).

Now we probably will have some more high days until it melts down. It'd be nice to be able to figure out the curve of ups and downs, something I always wanted to do with myself but never quite did.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Geminids Meteor Shower starting tonight

I was so lucky that August summer night back in 1994 as to find myself unexpectedly in the middle of the desert, in what seemed almost a lunar surface, when we started to notice something magically unusual was going on. Shooting stars were all over the sky, not one or two, but tens of them, non-stop showering all around. Later I found out it might have been the Perseids, peaking around Aug 12th.

Since then I have had this fascination for meteor showers although I did not have many more chances to experience them.

This next weekend we're heading to the desert for a camp out night to hopefully see the Geminids peak Dec 13th, although the moon will be interfering quite a bit with the experience. Also, more to come soon in Jan 3rd/4th: the Quadrantis.

In case anybody wonders, the best hours to observe meteor showers is from midnight til pre-down (regardless your time zone). For more info I recommend MeteorShowers blog.

Skype to Go ... great skype feature

This week I tried Skype to Go, a feature that allows you to dial out international calls through skype from your cellphone. It seems like it was available before in Europe but recently launched in the US. I've been waiting for this feature for a long time. With call forwarding I was able to get international calls in my cell but I could not initiate the calls. The setup was very simple and in no time I was being able to make my calls out (bye-bye to msn logging in to say a quick "call me" while driving). Now I feel like I can fully rely on Skype for my phone communications at a fairly good price.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Is this the begining of the end?

The world as we knew it is changing. The idealistic conservative capitalism, "the free market will work everything out" (as Steve Borsch would call it), is falling apart. Maybe Negroponte was right when in "The Dance of Shiva" he announced such a crazzy idea as a new era being about to emerge (the dialectic negation of the previous era, in terms being the dialectic negation of its previous era, ~(~p)=p. Maybe techonology's new ways of producing value such as cooperativism, open source, crowdsourcing, peer to peer, however you want to call it, will in the end produce a new global economy.

Viral videos like Annie Leonard's "The story of stuff" can surely help change the world: