Sunday, August 03, 2008

Prophet, distributed database manager

When I was teaching databases back in 1992, I remember while I was preparing my classes, stumbling upon a subject that sounded as interesting as it use was remote and complex at the time: distributed databases. At that time anyone on their sane mind would try to avoid syncing nightmares by all possible means.

After centuries going by without ever hearing about distributed databases again, a few days ago I read about Prophet, a distributed database manager which is defined by its own buzz:

"A grounded, semirelational, peer to peer replicated, disconnected, versioned, property database with self-healing conflict resolution."

One of the reasons I would be interested in something like this, is the need to optimize website accessibility from different parts of the world by adding local servers with syncable databases. Other reason would be more device related.

I guess the one other thing that seduces me about this idea is the holographic nature of a distributed database, although I'm not sure this is the only way to go about getting to imitate our own holographic memory.

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