Saturday, August 16, 2008

My life without caffeine

It's always nice to experiment on theories. Some weeks ago I decided to put to the test the theory that "an action repeated for 21 days becomes a habit".

As my only source for caffeine was diet coke, I decided to be diet coke clean (therefore caffeine clean) for 21 days and then see the results for myself.

One memorable but horrible Sunday was my starting day. Hard not to remember that day ... I felt awful, I was almost self defined as officially depressed, I barely had any energy at all. I dragged myself through that Sunday until it passed by. Next couple days were ok, dealing with the firm decision not to take that first can. Following couple days, horrible again, every now and then finding myself day dreaming about the mouth watering possibility of drinking diet coke.

I survived my first week, trying to be aware and remember how hard this process was being. The only thing I could do was to stick with it for two more weeks. One more Sunday came by, my decision untouchable, I should be able to do this for two weeks, and three weeks as well.

By the middle of the third week I was feeling much better. Sooner than later, third week and "Prueba conseguida!!" (mission accomplished).

Now, it was time to re-evaluate my goal. Given how hard it was to quit diet coke, and how released and freed I was feeling after the three weeks broke the habit and I guess cleaned my system too. Dependency is gone! The next step was clear: never again let that thing trick me into getting just a sip! Diet coke and caffeine are history.
I feel fresh, energetic, nothing to envy from the caffeinated past.

Today I enjoy still water and more yet sparkling water. A friend found this sparkling making device that I ordered from a company in Israel. It even matches my kitchen appliances style! It took some time for the thing to arrive (interestingly enough, the fact that someone blogged about them blew their inventory) but it is great! I love it!!

Back to the beginning of this post, the 21 day break a habit theory was totally confirmed by my little experiment. It seems to be true!


Ricardo Coulthurst said...

Cecilia, I understand you perfectly.

One of my family was very bad (with 21 years) and I give god my biggest effort "no diet coke" for 2 month !!

It was very, very dificult to do (I pass the same as you).
After that I feel the same (nothing change) and I start again with diet coke. But I could test myself.

Please stay posting about life & Gx

Unknown said...

This is not the place for this post but I couldn't find a better one. It is not about how habits are formed -or changed for that matter- but about how memories form at a biological level. As an anthropologist I am interested in social memory, that is, what do societies choose to remember, or to forget, who is doing it, how and for what purpose. But since I know you are very interested in the workings of the mind I thought about this article just reported in Science. Scientists were able to pinpoint for the first time a group of cells "summoning" a memory. This is the link,
don't forget to check it out:)

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