Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moore Law for multi-cores

The nicest thing of carpooling is that I get to mount my office on the back of the car. Today on my way back from work as I skimmed over google reader posts I found an interesting thought in GigaOM regarding the opportunities that the multi-core processors world will bring for the industry.

As I commented out loud, a friend who is an insider of the Sony Playstation gaming development team was reminding me of how playstation might have a definite development edge over Microsoft as they chose cheap multiple cores versus few powerful ones very early on. The advantage now seems to be that all their coding for years has been multi-core savy. If that is right, and Microsoft development did not go down that route, Sony's development edge and scalability possibilities are inmensly better.

On the words of Anant Agarwal: "I would like to call it a corollary of Moore's Law that the number of cores will double every 18 months," said Agarwal whose company currently ships a 64-core embedded processor.

One company that got my attention from GigaOm's list was Replay, by introducing what they call the computer-tivo. This is one of my favorite subjects, and although they're only focusing apparently on bug reply it's one of the first tools I see using this powerful concept.

I would bet on Moore Law being right one more time. And, I would also bet that developers will not be micro-managing core management. There will be software automatically taking care of this.

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