Friday, May 30, 2008

Painful: from SVN to Perforce

We just moved our SCM from SVN to Perforce. By the way, I've been laughed at to death at my tortoise pronunciation, but hey, it's a french word after all, I can't do the english thing with tortoise.

It's going to be a process, the outlook was pretty painful. I guess once I found out that if you install P4Win you get some windows system integration, although I read it can cause some problems, we'll see.

Now I can only hope that we can use SVN for our GeneXus projects when we migrate to X, haven't done that yet ...

Anyway, just wanted to share the mixed feelings, as in a way the branching will be much better and we are already benefiting of the workspace specs but of course we're losing the light gracious non-invasive advantages of SVN.

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