Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally the OLPC laptops arrived home

I've got to admit that it was a long wait from end of the year til the end of march for the program 'give one get one' from OLPC (I believe discontinued now). Luckily as fitted part of the consuming society if gratification is not instant might as well just forget about it, so it wasn't that bad.

The girls were super excited about their arrival. With 4 and 7 they could use them with no major coaching and they had fun with notepad, tamtam (jamm tools), paint, basic stuff. Internet connectivity was kind of hard to setup just because we had a secure net that it didn't like to connect and I ended up opening it up. We still are trying to install the latest flash player version as most of the sites they go need it. I guess I'll have to refresh my linux abilities that are really dusty ...

As we went on our little trip to Las Vegas couple days after getting the laptops we had a perfect opportunity to experiment the effects of this technology on the road. Nothing like videos I tell you, but pretty good entertainment nevertheless ;)

My first impression is that they are great machines, seem to be child proof (keyboard is water and dirt proof and they already proved to be shock resistant), pretty easy intuitive interface. They could use a little more color on the basic interfaces. I already miss windows file explorer deeply, there's probably something I don't know of out there. I haven't explored around much on the web, I hope there are cool educational applications that can be downloaded ...

All in all, such a cool thing to see their faces and imagine the faces of the two other little ones among thousands somewhere in the world getting those as well.

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