Monday, February 18, 2008

PMOG, a fun multiplayer online game

According to Tim O'Reilly this is an example of Augmented Reality, which is the overlapping of layers of information on top of each other. In this case, the game is about completing missions that will involve navigating web pages avoiding mines and defending yourself with armors as you accumulate datapoints that allow you to purchase other digital arsenal.
I personally am not very affected to games but I wanted to get a taste of this one as beyond the game itself there's great innovation in the fact of having through a browser plug-in a layer of metainformation on top of the regular web browsing.
Don't wait for an invitation, just subscribe to the beta of the game and they'll send you an invite on your email.
One mission I found very cool was the Task and Project Management Online that guides you through a set of Project Management online tools. I'll have to come back to it as I'd like to start using one of these tools soon.

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