Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Release software updates on Tuesdays, never Fridays

My uncle went to surgery recently here at La Jolla. When we spoke on the phone before the surgery he commented to me that the surgeon liked to make important surgeries on Tuesdays, so people could come in and get ready on Mondays and they would have many weekdays ahead before the weekend in case there were complications.

I thought there's something to learn from this surgeons for us in the software industry. So, from now on, unless something is totally broken and we need an immediate fix, our software updates will go out on a Tuesday. Friday they usually be ready, Monday we'll do the last testing and Tuesday out they go!

In reality we're doing it on a Wed this time, couldn't get to the Tues in time ...

Anyway, it looks like it'll save lots of worries to both our clients and our tech support department :)

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