Saturday, December 01, 2007

Imagining the 10th dimension video

I found this video that explains and builds up the dimensions starting from a dot to the 10th dimension in a pretty accessible way.
In the end it ties up with string theory, which confuses me a little as I thought they needed 11 dimensions to close up the string theory, although reviewing it now that seems incorrect, 10 seems to be the case.
Anyway, if you ever wondered how to imagine any dimension above the 3rd and 4th this video, based on the book "Imagining the tenth dimension" by Rob Bryanton (the book doesn't seem as promising as the simple video explanation), will help you close the loop.

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Oreja said...

Muy buena la explicación del video, la tuve que ver unas 3 veces para entenderla y todavía me queda alguna duda.

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