Sunday, December 09, 2007

Communication evolution

Human communication is evolving, and it is evolving in an accelerated way.

I came across a post that summarizes the milestones like this:

Age in Years
(2007 estimate)
Homo sapiens~200,000
Language >50,000
Writing 5,000
Telephone 131
E-Mail 25
IRC 19
Texting 15
IM 11
Blogging 10
Twitter 1

Can you feel the acceleration? It really makes you wonder what is the next thing and when will we know about it? Also, it seems to be reaching some type of limit as no technology can be adopted in less than 1 year, or can it?

The article measures for each communication type three variables: immediacy, audience and lifespan and analyzes the holes trying to predict/invent the future new communication channels.

Once a paradigm is reaching a limit like this a new paradigm is born. We might soon see the beginning of a new paradigm: brain to brain communication through BCI (brain computer interfaces), something that is already out there ...

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