Friday, November 09, 2007

DVR obsession

It's known that we get too easily used to the nice stuff. Technology such as Digital Video Recording just spoils us. After a while of having this feature on my cable box it seems so natural that I just can't believe I lived without it before. Not only this takes care of the kids interruptions when you're watching a show, allows you to skip through publicity and compresses show time by 40%, it allows you to re-play something you can't understand or need more details about and frees you from having to remember shows days and times. This is just the beginning ...

What's funny about using DVR technology is that I developed such a dependency on this technology that now I find myself trying to rewind a radio program I'm listening in the car radio or event worst, trying to rewind some phone conversation or some real life conversation or situation. It just makes so much sense that my brain can't tell the difference between the different media, it just loves this feature and wants to have it all over the place.

Most likely it's my bad memory that's really driving my DVR obsession, but I can see a near future where both this automatic and explicit recording capabilities become pervasive. Can you imagine the possibilities as video technology itself evolves into digital search by image, sound, GPS positioning, date-time? Show me the video at the moment when I was at the entrance of the Zoo or, show me the part when Nicole showed up in the house or, show me the part when he said 'bla bla bla'. Can't wait ...

I believe there is also a value in having a DVR kind of thing for the computer usage having the latest sequences saved automatically as well as being able to purposely save computer usage images and commands and have them replay at a later time with a similar functionality as the DVR for TV. This could have a great value in many applications specifically for computer learning or knowledge management applications.

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