Friday, November 09, 2007

Digital footprint

I guess it was mostly because of the fires that I started thinking strongly about the importance of digitalizing our life, specially our past (as our present and future are luckily pretty digital anyway).

When faced with the possibility of evacuation couple weeks ago I kind of had to go on my mind and even physically over the things that I must have taken for sure with me. Among those, there were in my case documents (such as immigration paperwork, degrees, insurance paperwork) and old photo albums that could easily be scanned into a digital format. Then, of course there's the things like family treasures or trip's souvenirs that you just can't compress into a DVD (a video recording of them would be with our current technology the most you could get in this case).

Anyway, even if I probably won't find the time to digitize my past I still think it'd be a great idea to have everything converted to digital format. Then, moved to a server with some redundancy and that's it, you're free to pretty much go through life without the heavy baggage or at least without worrying or risking losing stuff that could be irreplaceable.

It's amazing to see how much smaller our digital footprint is compared with our physical one ...

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