Wednesday, September 26, 2007

GeneXus XVII Event remote experience

This GeneXus Event I could not attend in person but the internet access to it was so good that I really could feel part of it to a great extent. It helped that as coincidentally I was seek these days I couldn't do a whole lot more anyway ;)

Only couple things could have made my remote experience better:

1. It'd be nicer if the access to conference's videos would be available during the same day. I do have time differences with Uruguay and if I missed a conference live I could not see it until the next day when it was published.

2. It'd add a lot if there were other web cams live showing people just in the registration area, booth areas and general areas. Even if conferences are the main and absolute substance of the Event, the atmosphere lived in general and the social encounters are missed as well. Maybe there could even be a way to interact remotely, ask questions or otherwise. There seems to be a growing community and the local event will reach a physical limit (probably already did).

As I write this post I'm listening to Breogan Gonda announcing that the Rocha book will be down-loadable on their website. That's a great direction to go.

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