Wednesday, September 26, 2007

GeneXus XVII Event promising and inspiring

The GeneXus XVII Event was promising ... and it's kind of weird that I'm saying this of an event, but Rocha is a very promising version and the event was a lot centered in Rocha version which in turn made the event promising if that makes any sense.
Rocha is all that it promised and probably lots more, being in beta 1 it still has a way to go, but definitely it's the version that can make GX leap over to the next phase of being really worldwide adopted. Of course in order to be worldwide adopted it needs to get it's feet onto the US Market and that is a costly move or a too long postponed one ... there were great insights on this subject in Pablo Brenner's talk (funny one too).

As far as inspiring, I never ever attended any GeneXus event that was not inspiring and it's probably true for most of human gatherings where there's a synergistic energy going on and specially any type of shared passion.

I liked a lot Andres Levin's talk and knowing that Rich Internet Applications and separating interface from code will be addressed. I still have many presentations to watch as I find some time here and there.

I was surprised that the subject of collective intelligence (web 2.0) did not surface as a relevant one, it was already missing last year. Even if it's not relevant to the tool itself it sure should be of great importance for the community and I was expecting to see at least some of that but unless I totally missed it, it didn't seem to be there.

All in all a great event, enjoyable even remotely!

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