Friday, September 07, 2007

GeneXus Planet's ecology

I love being part of Planeta GeneXus. The downside though for me is that I feel a little restricted in my expression capability.

I started this blog to talk about my number one passion in life that is evolution, and I'm kind of getting far apart from my main goal as time goes by ... I think I'll come back to my original blog intention and then wait for some comments wanting to kick me out of the planet ;)

When you're in a Planet you need to be aware of the Planet's ecology ... then out of respect for the Planet's environment I end up not doing some posts that are too off-topic or too-personal or I feel would just contaminate in an excessive way.

I guess it's a fair trade-off, fraternity vs. freedom ;)

That's why I decided to start trying a separate blog for my personal/spiritual dimensions called Natural Life Highs.

As others in the planet I'm wondering if this is the way to go ... I'd much rather have only one blog than multiple, and much even I'd like to have a blog with different spaces on it broadcasting to different planets as needed ... I might be able to do something just by changing my home page and dividing it in spaces and publishing the last post of each space. I haven't look into the template capabilities that far .... maybe I need another tool, or new software might needs to be developed ...


genexus said...

Federico ofrecio que los que tuviesen un BLOG multi-tematico, y quisieran filtrar algunos POST para Planeta GeneXus, podrian agregar Labels "Planet GX" y avisarle a el que solo pase a Planeta GeneXus, los articulos con dicho label... .


Cecilia Abadie said...

Gracias Gab por la info!
Lo voy a poner en practica :)