Thursday, August 30, 2007

Genexus Map User Control

I've been playing before with the Google Maps API to implement the equivalent of twittervision around the world. Eventually, as it wasn't top priority, I got busy with something else and I didn't quite finish playing with it.

Today just by chance I ended up reading about the GeneXus Map User Control and I was thinking on giving it a try. As our whole development is all 9.0 right now, I have to evaluate if it's easier and/or more fun to try this in Rocha or finish playing with the Google API code ;)

When I heard about extensibility of Genexus Rocha by extensions and user controls I instantly had a glimpse of the unlimited potential it would have. Nevertheless, I have to admit that once I start seeing real controls and extensions out there it kind of gets to a whole new level. Now I know, how much the quality of GX developments are going to change as the regular developer will be benefiting of all sorts of goodies.

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