Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Books confession ...

I've got one confession to make:

I find it extremely hard to finish reading a book from beginning to end. If I think about it, all the books I could finish in the last n years are novels, which I don't do much except for The Da Vinci Code of the moment.

Books keep popping up into my bookcase and night stand but after the initial excitement and even after blowing my mind with some ideas in a book it looks like it's enough for me of it, I jump to the next thing. I assumed for a long time that this was a consequence of me not having enough time to spend reading after work/family hours, but lately I started to think that the problem is more on the side of all the other stuff that is competing with books in my spare time. Namely the computer, particularly the internet with blogs, news, emails. Also some TV, although I mostly only watch some news, documentaries, HBO and DVDs I get from Netflix (now with the great 'Watch now' feature, only IE enabled, not available outside US either). Also magazines, I read Time and Wired consistently and eventually Scientific American.

I still love to buy books and have them, and occasionally I get to browse through them with this great memories and inspiration come backs.

Anyway, I thought of sharing this confession on the net and possibly getting the pulse of others on this subject.

From now on, I'll start blogging about the books I started reading as I never could get to blog about the ones I read ;)


Jorge Mastro said...

Ohh. thats happen to me very very much.
I begin reading books, and before finishing them I start another book... and then instead of returning to the first one. I began another one, wthout finishing any of them.
Latelay I came up with a theory.

I did not finish them, ... because I like them! So, if I finish it I couold not be reading it again :)

Loosy thoery but with something of true.

Jorge Mastro said...


I'm Mastro :)

And sorry for my english, ugh!

Even books that I borrow I do not always finish them (sorry matiasH)

Cecilia Abadie said...

Hola Mastro!!
I agree with your theory in the sense that I definitely like the books. Oh wait a minute! that's the p in your theory ... not the q :) Anyway, that's the puzzling part which makes me keep wondering, why not finish books that I love???
I have another theory in relation to today's ADD world and how we consume information in a different way than in the past ... coming soon in next post ;)

May said...

Me consta de los libros que tiene "abiertos" Mastro, por varios dias, meses... :)

A mi me pasa igual, no solo no terminarlos, sino imposible de leerlos secuencialmente.

Esperamos tu post entonces! :)

Unknown said...

Yo debería hacer la confesión al revés: una vez que comencé a leer un libro, me cuesta muchísimo no leerlo hasta el final.

Cuando me pasa, y son contadas las veces, es porque realmente me aburre a muerte. O me disgusta demasiado. Por ejemplo, hace unos años leí un libro de Paulo Coelho. No me gustaba para nada, pero lo terminé porque, bueno, porque tengo esa manía de terminar los libros que empiezo a leer. Cuando me enfrenté a la posibilidad de un segundo libro de Coelho (alguien me lo prestaba) dudé mucho si empezarlo o no porque no quería clavarme otra vez. Finalmente, pensando que quizá había tenido mala suerte con el primero, decidí darle el beneficio de la duda. Pero después de leer el primer capítulo, me quedó claro que Coelho no era para mí (o que yo no era para Coelho, dependiendo cómo se lo mire), y ahí sí, lo abandoné con gusto, y sin ningún complejo.

De todas maneras sí sintonizo con lo que decís del ADD y el consumo actual de la información; aunque no me pasa con los libros, sí me pasa con muchas otras cosas. Dale, prendele a ese post, y ya elaboraremos.