Thursday, June 14, 2007

Creating and patenting life from scratch

Ethically and technologically polemic as it can be, artificial life is already being patented.
Particularly I was reading a post from MIT Technology Review talking about the Craig Venter team trying to build their own bug from scratch getting to a minimally sufficient set of genes that would provide the platform for micro-organisms with diverse functions.
These bio-nano-robots might drastically change medical and pharmaceutical industries among others. Something to keep on the watch ...


Enrique Almeida said...

En la ultima (Junio 2007) National Geographic (version en ingles) hay un articulito relacionado con esto, que me llamo la atencion. La gente del Salk Institute ( logro que a un pollo le creciera nuevamente un ala, despues de habersela amputado cuando era un embrion.
"By changing expression of a few genes, got the whole limb back - a beautiful and perfect wing."


PD: Aceptas comentarios en espaƱol, verdad? :)

Cecilia Abadie said...

Very interesting!
We have to be prepared to see amazing things genetic-wise this half century.
Couple days ago a friend mentioned there was a succesfull research on converting skin cells into stem cells. Maybe he was referring to the same thing ...
Regarding the spanish, como dijera mi hermano, es lo que hay valor ;)