Sunday, June 24, 2007

Collective tagging for corportate apps

I was catching up with a lag on my feeds read when I found on TechCrunch a review on Wesabe that caught my eye.

They seem to have a little feature that might make a whole difference to the end user: "when enough users tag a specific merchant, that tag is automatically added as a suggestion to your transaction.". Any user that ever had to tag transactions would recognize immediately this feature and beg to have it.

Wesabe is totally commited to web and also has nice innovative features as far as security saving sensitive information locally:
"Unlike other services, we do NOT ask you to enter your bank or credit card passwords into our web site. Instead, we offer a unique feature — a software program that runs on your computer and keeps your passwords safe, encrypted on your local drive."

It looks like the web 2.0 is slowly but surely transcending the hyped public web applications and reaching the corporate applications world in a very useful way.

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