Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Windows Vista Easy Transfer

As my husband got a new computer this weekend I got ready to go through the long messy process of migrating his files when I luckily glimpsed this nice little tool called Easy Transfer in his new Vista.

It detected the old computer was XP and transferred itself over the net, in the second attempt (it has some password generation and typing on each end involved) it was sending all the selected files over the net and after a while it said it was done. That's when the surprise came on. After installing MS Office 2007 (downloaded 60 day trial from the web) voila! outlook was completely set up with all the accounts, rules, email history, everything was ready to go.

The easy transfer will move:
. User accounts
. Files and folders
. Program data files and settings
. E-mail messages, settings, and contacts
. Photos, music, and videos
. Windows settings
. Internet settings

The migration was the highest point on Vista so far as right after the computer was all setup, being multiple times better hardware than the old one, the performance was pretty much ... the same as in the old computer. I guess that's only a little detail ;)

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