Friday, May 11, 2007

My new italian friend Domenico introduced me to Bookcrossing, a website that brings together the virtual and physical world by allowing members to release books "into the wild" to be found by others. I love this concept. Right now where I live in Temecula there are 16 books released! Can't wait to release couple books and start my hunt as well.


Pedro said...

Hola Cecilia :)
I'm very happy that you appreciated the bookcrossing initiative! I think it is something i would like to see on the web that instead happens in real life... a kind of world 2.0 ;)
I'm just arrived at home... and i'm glad to see that there are a lot of interisting things to read on your blog! :)
but now i'm too tyred... more than after the mountain hiking :D
So i will postpone it to tomorrow!
see ya!

Cecilia Abadie said...

Hi Domenico!
Good to hear you made it home safe and ... tired.
If Bill Gates is right in that "reading is going to go completely online" then you'll see the annotated reading online happen soon, maybe following your binder/spaces idea ;)
World 2.0, ha, web and world are mashing up, that makes a lot of sense.


Unknown said...

Great to see you both as part of the BookCrossing community! We have a HUGE BXing community in Italy and I hope to make it out there for one of the conventions...loved your blog Cecilia..
CEO BookCrossing