Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In my grandma's memory

It is with immense love and appreciation that these days I am saying goodbye to my grandmother in the physical dimension.
Among all the things she gave me in life, there is one particular day that I think changed my life forever. I remember as a kid I was a little too energetic and easily bored. I guess I was complaining of being bored without even paying much attention when my grandma's answer stroke me as an amazing world opening in front of my eyes. She asked me, how can you be bored with your whole mind to explore? As long as you can think, a freedom nobody can ever take back from you, you can't be bored. Immediately I realized how right she was, how could I ever get bored? so many things to think about.
This was an incredible gift I'm of course passing on to my six year old as we already had once this conversation. Interestingly enough I can't recall she mentioning being bored many other times after that ...
To my "abuelita" I can only say thank you for every moment of peace and love we shared, for an amazing strength and for making me feel like I was in the safer place on earth by her side. In the words of my little one in her attempt to say "gracias": "chachas, chachas, chachas".

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