Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Browser sessions in a tabbed world II

It's great to be back from vacation and see so many things going on on the web sphere. It was hard to keep up with posts and make up for the time I was gone ...

After using Firefox's Session Manager plug-in by Alejandro Panizza's suggestion, I just have one more comment on browser sessions in a tabbed world. My experience with the session manager is that it's all good except for one little detail. The session concept was not redefined by the use of tabs like I think it should have (at least for me it did). Basically my point is that once tabs emerged in the browser's world, a session should be redefined to a window composed of multiple related tabs as opposed to the pre-tab session concept of a session including multiple windows. Before tabs it'd make a lot of sense that multiple windows conform a session as this was the only way to have multiple pages linked together. In the post-tab world, it makes more sense to have a session defined to be a host of tabs bonded together.
The practical difference that is not minor is that with the proposed definition of session I could accomplish my goal of having multiple "sessions" saved independently and open/closed independently.
At least for the way I'd like to organize my browser consumption session manager didn't work for this little detail and it ended up having only one functionality I appreciate that is the possibility of opening back a session that crashed and not much more than that for me ...

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