Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Art evolution: digital art

Now I know what my next framed art is going to be: Digital Art!

I was inspired to look for digital streamed art after my visit to Cafe Tutu Tango in Orlando. This place I highly recommend, bringing together great food, music, performers and live painters, art is poured all over this place wherever you look.

Forget having one static painting on your wall. Imagine a plasma screen of a nice size, attached to a wall, with a painting type of framing around and a good surround audio streaming art non stop, successions of great paintings of all times with music, or non-stop morphing artistic videos such as: art or pocketmovies.
Tired of art? you could switch to the typical relaxing videos and sounds of the ocean, rain forest, your last vacation, anything you want. A remote might come in handy ;)

update: someone mentioned using a projector in an empty wall painted with special paint for this and every other tv purpose, sounds like a better solution, more minimalist ...

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