Monday, January 29, 2007

People, ideas and hardware (in this order)

This was the name of Nicolas Jodal's keynote at the XVI a International Meeting in the XVI GeneXus International Users Meeting.

In 2004 and 2005 it took me several months, probably close to a year to make total sense of Nicolas' conferences (both the technical and the more philosophical ones). I had no idea about some of the things he mentioned and I needed to have some practical experiences over time that brought out total meaning to his presentations. In 2006 I decided I'd be ahead, I'll study his sources and I'll understand his conference right on the spot. So I attended the conference all prepared, and when he finished I thought: I did it this time! Great! All the things he mentioned I knew, not many websites to check out or acronyms to figure out, only a few googles later it was all out there ... or so I thought ...

This week we were showing someone our top secret project (with some Russian mafia involved if there were to be a leak ;) when he made some comments about the hardware being just a small part of the product and how much vital software was in today's world. Then it hit me, it reminded me of what Jodal was talking about: People, Ideas and Hardware. It sure got handy for my own little presentation that I had next day. I mentioned "People, Ideas and Hardware" and it worked out great as we are a hardware company with gaming software and an online community on top of that.

Back to the title, this time it got me only four months to totally get it, I only needed more insight on the first and last ppts of one of the conferences, so, yeahh I'm catching up ;)

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