Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Microsoft has ADD

1. Web platform
In 2006 they "decided" to go all the way Web when everybody knew that zillions of years ago.

2. Web search
They considered joining Yahoo to beat Google but now, there are many rumors of google+apple+yahoo coming together. They seem to be arriving late for this one too ...

3. Web browser "war".
So many years with no competing software gave IE practically no noticeable evolution. They ended up doing the little jump behind Mozilla. The browser is the doorstep for the Web, there are so many things that could be changing the web radically from the browser (session handling is just a good example), but no ... just the same copying of the competitors even if they had years ahead of them in this particular case.

4. Zune, they come up with a device that is slightly smarter than an iPod, years later, when Apple is thinking ahead and coming up with their iPhone. Microsoft had a great opportunity on the cell phone market, they got windows mobile. A natural step for anybody that ever used Windows on a PC to continue using it in a cell phone/PDA. They need to compete with the iPod and they have the perfect platform to do it: windows mobile. Did they come up with any type of creativity? Did they change any of the interfaces to make it more usable on the little box? Nop. The same model of launching the late copycat with just adding the communication layer. That worked for them ok with Xbox but evidently is not going to make it with Zune (good luck for Microsoft that Apple did not get into the gaming industry yet, although digital convergence might bring Sony and Apple together eventually).

I guess robotics is one area they seem to be ahead of the game, but maybe it's a little too early for that, so, we'll see.
My conclusion is that MS seems to have serious ADD problems.

Update: ctrl-s publishes a blog ;)
Update2: I have ADD too ...

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