Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mac notebook?

It's been more than 13 years since I switched from my last Mac PowerBook to windows PCs. I didn't miss the little bomb screens that much ;) I remember I had some type of relief when I switched to windows as it really gave me as a developer a sensation of being much more on control of the computer. I understand the user perspective is totally the opposite, that's why users love it!
Now it seems to be time to consider Mac when I shop around for my next notebook. I am more of an end user now, the web changed a lot the way we do stuff, plus it's been many years for them to evolve as well, so I'd expect my experience now to be very different. Couple co-workers have already switched to Mac notebooks already half an year ago and are loving them. There's good windows emulators to use GeneXus and other apps that are windows only.
I'll wait til I find some strategy to go client-less (web) with my email/calendar and other productivity tools before I switch to a mac notebook but the decision is almost taken. Also, I have the best Dell monitor's resolution ever in my current laptop and it'll be hard to overcome that ...

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