Monday, January 08, 2007

Does technology push human ethics evolution?

I believe it does.
I think technology today exposes us much more, and because of this it makes us be better persons. Since cell phones have been out there, people started needing to be more careful with the conversations they have. Anybody that's been around a cell phone long enough probably had themselves or someone around them some call accidentally or inadvertently triggered that went live with some kind of funny consequences to say the least. I personally learned the hard way to keep the cellphone well protected when in my early twenties when dating a new boyfriend (actually my husband today) my cellphone dialed into my ex boyfriend's cell and a whole conversation got saved into his voice mail. They guy wasn't happy I tell you that ...
Same thing with emails. I know of two cases of co-workers, different companies, that were saying something in emails that a customer should never ever read, but oops, the email went out and somehow the customer was right there in the email's To or Cc. In my opinion, this kind of "accidents" tell people a message. They and the rest of us that know of the event, will be much more careful when saying something inconvenient about someone else. Eventually the effort and paranoia of saying something you know you don't want other people to hear ends up being so much, that we might think twice about doing it.
There are better and public examples since phone cams become highly available in addition with the high adoption of video web sites that expose the most popular videos. Politics losing elections due to racist declarations like in the Macaca case or actors ridiculing themselves because of racists jokes out of place, are sending a message to all of us: if you insist on being racist, just try to keep it to yourself, otherwise, the world will know and it might be painful.
I believe this kind of public episodes hopefully impose healthier habits among us, and that's how humanity evolves after all, when some things like this extended social carefulness become part of the newer standard.
Technology is criticized a lot, that's why I like to point out to some things that technology might be bringing into human ethics that seems positive.
Webcams will just become better and everywhere, so, be careful, let's become better persons, even if it is for the sake of saving us some uncomfortable situations anyway ;)

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