Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Memory and Reminders

Because I have what I consider to be a very bad memory, I am frequently thinking about some kind of reminder system.
The basic idea would be to have some type of capability to define reminders that can come back to the me when programmed to do so. I think it's time that we add some active component to our external memory (meaning all digital data outside my our brains) that so far was only being pulled from the net from an active user’s decision to a pop situation from the net is coming back to me and saying ‘hey you need to remember this’. I personally use outlook alerts, but it's only calendar driven and media limited as it only alerts in one environment and a unique contact way.

The way I see it a remainder would be an object of some type that needs to get to my attention given some triggering event and the alert would be communicated to me according to some settings:
Reminder: Object + Triggering event + Settings

An object could be some text, some contact info, a note of my notebook, an email I could be reading, a blog entry, a video/image, a page the user is browsing or a search that the user is launching, etc. Whatever is the content I need to be reminded of.

Triggering event would be for instance a particular datetime, a calendar event (public or private, such as Halloween, or when I next time I travel to Orlando), proximity to a GPS position, an agent triggered event (such as an agent that is searching for the lowest fare for me and when this agent that is a third party program comes up with a particular result).

Settings could be: priority (high, regular, low), notification method and device to send reminder (maybe cell phone sms, desktop alert, email alert, etc), type of reminder, etc.

Another way of seeing alerts would be rules:
Reminder: Do Action with Settings if Condition

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