Monday, December 04, 2006

Inspi(RED) and the long tail of philanthropy

I should have gone (RED) on Dec 1st ... but better late than never ...
This is a really great initiative, Bono summarizes it in a great way here.
The way I see it, like it or not, we are part of something bigger than ourselves, the interaction of all of us over Earth dancing on an energy field of "coincidences", makes us part of a huge body. With this perspective in mind, I try to get some distance and look at the planet and I can see a face in the total light act of admiring/criticizing itself on the mirror (America comes to mind). Then I look further and see a leg that is sick, cells dying here and there, chaos, hunger, poverty (Africa for instance). Look further and see other areas with a total need for peace, non-violence, education, freedom for women (Arab countries).
Some months ago I thought of how to really change this, and what came to mind is using technology to create a viral campaign where every person with a computer could become part of a network of support for all these different causes. At that time I thought about a plug-in to instant messaging applications that would turn you visibly somehow into a cell in the network (like somehow changing your avatar/text for instance). I thought of advertisement that would be benefiting one organization a day. One day funds would go to (RED), another day to Breast Cancer fight, etc.
It would be so powerful to be able to contribute globally to make this a better world, more just, healing this body one cell at a time ... I think such a project has two goals. One is to get each of us thinking about this, thinking that you can't be a silly face looking at a mirror thinking how good you look today while you're loosing your leg. The second is to actually find the long tail of beneficence, a way for each of us to do a super small contribution that because of being so massive it would still be enough to make a difference.
I would love to submit a project to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Any ideas/collaborators are welcome!!

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