Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Outdated education

I'm a total believer in paperless, the problem is I was raised to think with pencil and paper and I find myself still a little limited by that every time I try to just think in front of the computer. It's probably a combination of things, for one thing tools in the computer are not good enough to substitute one of those sketches you can do in paper, with drawings, some writing, those useful arrow connections, etc. On the other side I tend to believe that part of the limitation is that all the generations up to today are being raised with pencil and paper and then they have to "convert" to a growing digital world. Newer generations that were born with computers as a fact, will get so much farther in building the tools that are needed to become digital, as they have less of this limitation. Further more, I believe if a kid today were to be taught to read and write directly in a computer, they will have a great advantage on their side and they will be able to integrate the digital world to a greater extent, creating the right tools and taking the best advantage of being totally digital.
Our generations are caught up in the middle of the digital revolution, you still need paper but paper is no longer good. I'm amazed to see how much behind is our education system around the world. I'm disappointed to see how my 6 year old is being taught in almost the same way I was, 30 years later! I feel like saying, hey, wake up! the world changed!! We need to give our kids the opportunity to be better prepared to survive in a digital world. It'll happen sooner or later, we're going towards a paperless world, but the sooner the better ...

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