Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SearchMash - Google's sandbox

Google recently launched SearchMash, their super Ajax'ed, testing environment for the search experimentation. It introduces a drop down list for now including web and images, I was wondering about this as a minimalist evolution of their growing link menu (web, images, maps, more ...). You can change the position of the searched results by drag & drop, which could be a first indication of the search engine being ready to receive feedback from users, although it's not clear how it's being used. The green url links open a menu with options not provided by the browser such as "More similar pages". The effect of the paging I loved so far!! I saw a presentation in youtube that included a preview of each web page result on the right pane which I really liked as a speed up tool for searches. I guess they might have experienced performance issues as this is not there as part of searchmash.

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