Sunday, October 15, 2006

Search engines and the new web

According to different sources when users open a web browser in more than 80% of the cases they go to a search engine page. The user perception of the web has changed in the last years. Today, users perceive the web as one continuous of information and resources. They don't really care that much for who is providing the information, they'll go to a search engine and with couple key words and clicks they'll get the info/service they need. The average time a user spends in a home page is about 30 seconds and it only hikes to average 60 seconds for an interior page. Then, most of the time without even noticing the visited website they move on to a new search (sometimes from the same page with right button "Search the web for ..."). I'm sure a user only remembers a very reduced set of the web sites he actually uses on a daily basis, specially when it gets there through a search engine. This obviously gives tremendous power to search engines, they have access to this pile of information and they can track users habits, and of course having the possibility to monetize it in different ways.
This fact is really confirming the vision of Google founders. In the words of Sergey Brin: "The solution isn't to limit the information you receive. Ultimately, you want to have the entire world's knowledge connected directly to your mind."
The bionic brain is already starting to be a reality. I like to joke answering any question with "the answer is on the internet for sure". When I tell this to my daughter it's kind of frustrating as she looks at me like "Yeah, of course.", not a glimpse of amazement. It's probably like my grandma telling me as a kid, "and we can phone someone", and I'd be like, "Yahh, what else is new?". Nicole was born with the internet as a fact so I guess she can't have the same kind of high I get out of this ;)

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