Monday, October 02, 2006

Massage technology

Munich Golf show was the slowest in years and you could tell. It was sooo slow that I went ahead and tried one of those big massage chairs with the whole meditative experience (music + glasses with suggestive lights). I used to hate those things a bit in the past, but I have to admit that this nice leather chair embraced me for about half an hour and I was ready to fall asleep in total relaxation. The thing first scans your body to know your dimensions and stiffness and then runs some programs with different types of massages that were for moments believable of being human hands. A similar one to the one I tried: Sharper Image. It involves sensors and robotic technologies that seems to have advanced a lot in the last years. It might sound silly or weird but I was impressed with the warm human kind of sensation that they're accomplishing. In a rather not serious note I have to say that they are not too far away from building a virtual reality "love" machine with this technology I would think ... I can see specially Asian markets developing more of this ...

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