Saturday, September 23, 2006

GeneXus XVI International Meeting

As always a great event! Very glad of having been there, to be part of this new development paradigm and to be part of such a wonderful community. GeneXus development team (which I was once part of) can and will always impress me. The TCP of Rocha's version left me wooowing ... The SOA architecture of the tool itself and the extensibility possibilities that come with that is amazing. The power of patterns becoming internal to GeneXus and dynamic is going to be of great impact in productivity and consistency of interfaces. I guess a cool application of extensibility would be to make a tool for reverse engineering from a canonical pattern example to a pattern itself, making then this powerful tool available to everybody in the community. It's not trivial but it's possible. Other than that in my personal opinion, this particular event reflected a bit the internal status of the product. GeneXus is in a moment of profound internal reconstruction and all the fun will happen when Rocha is released hopefully next year.
The welcome party for the international clients/distributors was a lot of fun. Tango is not one of my favorite styles but after that I could get up to date with the rest of the music Uruguayans like. I apologize one more time to everybody for not knowing the song "Tengo la camisa negra" de Juanes ;)

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