Sunday, September 24, 2006

GeneXus Usability, bringing down barriers for the American market

When Breogan Gonda, in the typical closing of the GeneXus Event, presented the graphic with the axes Productivity, Completeness, Universality and Usability and announced the company has gone to great extent in the three first axes and now is working hard in Usability, it reminded me of a user comment I heard some years ago.
In 1998, I was doing some consulting and training for Direct TV in LA. At some point in the training a user got frustrated with some simple usability issue GeneXus would not handle correctly and he told me: "This tool does not have industrial strength. I can tell there have not been enough number of users for it so far". It was a tough moment for me and I always remember it. The project got aborted arguing different business reasons. Before I went back to Kansas I got to drive all the way along the cost up to Point Reyes near SF, an unforgettable trip. Anyway, lots of improvements, years and versions later it's great to see that ARTech is working on bringing down probably one of the last barriers to get into the American market, community and usability strength.
Users like Enrique Almeida are doing a great contribution to this purpose with his blog series "Usabilizando GeneXus" (sorry, spanish).

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