Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beware! Hard drives do crash!!

I was so worried trying to disable every possible little service so my 2 batteries would be enough for my long trip to Uruguay until after a blue screen, 2 reboots, a very wired sound and a total crash my hard drive died.
I've got to admit that I felt pretty lost without my computer and it took me some hours to get over the thought of getting farther and farther away from my home backups ... In the meantime I was trying to review the inventory of my memory. What things I desperately need would be on my brain memory and which on my extended RAM??
Anyway, I decided that I could only relax until I get back from my trip and get re-joined with a new harddrive and backups. Also, I decided that I'm getting one of those online backup systems as soon as I'm back up. Logmein seems to have a cheap service for backup, I'll probably try it.

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