Friday, September 01, 2006

Back from Prague - plane hotspot

I'm back home!! I got a plane with hotspot on my way back, that was way cool! Of course, as soon as I signed up I started this casual conversation with my neighbour, that lasted mote than 4 hours. It was worth it anyway, she was a cool gal and we discussed about religion with as much logical thinking as we could, she was a christian, open to any reasoning except any entertaining of any scenario that would make her one and only truth be questioned (this one being that Jesus is the only way to God). I tried to question the relativity of a one and only truth, the concept of reality vs. interpretation of reality, etc, we couldn't go far on that side ... but still it gave me some historic perspective to finally understand the sacrifice thing. It was a respectful and good discussion. On the other side, as sleepy as I was I got to MSN with my brother and sister, dear friend MJS and whoever else wanted to say hi as they new I was in a plane.
As always I enjoyed meeting everybody in the international team. UK guys smart and funny as always. We have english guys in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and a new one now in Dubai (P.J. a total character). The russian guys always ready (after a few drinks) for some traditional songs are tons of fan. Met new people from Taiwan, glad to see a women there, Sophia.
Anyway, a great trip, and always nice to be back in Prague even if only the last day I got to walk to the Castle and astronomical clock.

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